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Fruit Trees & Shrubs have now all been potted up for spring 2018.

  Fruit Variety Potted Comments
  Apple Arkansas Black $35.00  
  Apple Fuji  $35.00  
  Apple Gala out  
  Apple Golden Delicious $35.00  
  Apple Granny Smith $35.00  
  Apple Honey Crisp out  
  Apple Jonagold $35.00  
  Apple Liberty Apple $35.00  
  Apple Newtown Pippin Semi-Dwarf $35.00  
  Apple Pink Lady out  
  Apple Sierra Beauty out  
  Almond All In One Almond $35.00  
  Apricot Blenheim out  
  Apricot Chinese or Mormon out  
  Apricot Harcot $35.00  
  Artichoke Green Globe each out  
  Blackberry Chester Thornless containerized out  
  Blackberry Kiowa $15.00  
  Blueberry Blue Crop, Northern containerized $13.95  
  Blueberry Blue Ray, Northern containerized $13.95  
  Blueberry Jewel, Southern containerized $13.95  
  Blueberry Misty, Southern  containerized $13.95  
  Blueberry Southmoon, Southern containerized $13.95  
  Blueberry Sunshine, Southern containerized $13.95  
  Blueberry Top Hat dwarf, Northern containerized $13.95  
  Boysenberry Marionberry out  
  Boysenberry Knots' out  
  Cherry Black Tartarian $35.00  
  Cherry Craig's Crimson $35.00  
  Cherry Stella out  
  Fig Black Mission $20.00  
  Fig Brown Turkey $20.00  
  Fig Kadota $20.00  
  Grape Crimson Seedless $15.95  
  Grape Eastern Concord Seedless $12.95  
  Grape Flame Seedless $12.95  
  Grape Thompson 'Princess' Grape $12.95  
  Hops Cascade containerized $12.00  
  Hops Centennial containerized $12.00  
  Jujube Shanxi Li    
  Mullberry Dwarf Black Fruiting containerized $18.00  
  Mullberry Pakistan Fruiting  $69.00  
  Mullberry Persian Fruiting $69.00  
  Mullberry Persian Fruiting Bush $48.00  
  Mullberry Teas Weeping Persian Fruiting $79.00  
  Nectarine Arctic Fantasy, EZ  $35.00  
  Nectarine Double Delight $35.00  
  Nectarine Necta-Zee Miniature out  
  Nectarine Mericrest out  
  Olives Mission  containerized $15.00  
  Peach Arctic Supreme White Peach $35.00  
  Peach Honey Babe Miniature $38.00  
  Peach Indian Blood Cling $35.00  
  Peach Reliance $35.00  
  Peach Rio Oso Gem Peach out  
  Pear 20th Century Asian  out  
  Pear Bartlett $35.00  
  Pear Max Red Bartlett out  
  Pecan Western Schley $58.00  
  Persimmon Fuyu out  
  Persimmon Hachiya $49.00  
  Plum Damson Plum $35.00  
  Plum Emerald Beaut $38.00  
  Plum French Improved Prume $35.00  
  Plum Late Santa Rosa $35.00  
  Plum Santa Rosa $35.00  
  Plum Satsuma $35.00  
  Pomegranate Wonderful $15.00  
  Raspberry Bababerry containerized  out  
  Raspberry Fall Gold out  
  Rhubarb Victoria Rhubarb $12.95  
  Strawberry Quinault Everbearing (dozen)    
  Strawberry Tristar Sequoia   (dozen) $7.95 per jumbo 6 pak
  Walnut Chandler 5/8 out  
  Walnut Chandler 3/4 out  

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