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2015 Class Schedule Harvest Festival Music on the Creek

'Full Circle' at Harvest Arts & Peace Festival

We have a full schedule of classes and events year round at the Nursery. The class schedule for 2014 is availability at the bottom of this page. 

Suzanne French at right at Harvest Festival  with her wonderful functional and gorgeous pieces teaches at Merced College. Janine Echabarne at left at her silver jewelry booth.
Amy Furrer with her hand made soaps and lotions
Smiley Mountain Band with young singer, Evan Willow Cicoletti, Dave Cicoletti's daughter (rt. of her)
Susan Buster with her hand woven scarves and purses
Antonea & Yorgus with their carvings at Harvest Festival Liz and Liz with Fresh Fruit & Foods

Crowd at Third Annual KFCF Music Festival Fundraiser

Paul Neal, Stella Luna and Phyllis Carr, Stella's Grandma

Dinner is served at Third Annual KFCF Music Festival Fundraiser

Kid's Booth at KFCF Music Festival Fundraiser

Tagress Family Pottery at  Annual Harvest Arts & Peace Festival

Inyana with Lance Canales

William Livingston's Hand Carved Rocking Chairs at Harvest Festival

Gary & Darlene Meissner Wood Carvings at Harvest Festival

Turtle and his wonderful ceramic Turtles and Medicine Bowls at Harvest Festival      Contact Turtle at Earth

Richfield with Ted Nunes at Harvest Festival

Walter Thoma from Rare Fruit Growers teaches grafting class 2012

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