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Grand Bluffs Narrative  
  Middle elevation of Grand Bluffs property with brush fields which came in after the Bretz Fire in 1947 View to NW corner where Summit Creek is near rock outcropping showing more of the continuous brush fields which cover 2/3rds of the property.
 Dogwoods in fall color growing in dense Whitethorn stand  Conifers trying to grow in brush, snags from 1947 Bretz fire

 Natural regeneration of conifers is strong in forested areas

   Sixty year old Ponderosa Pine shows how fast trees can grow at this site.
 Summit Creek, a class I watercourse  Class II watercourse through one of the many small meadows
 Dogwoods in bloom  California Fuschia
 Rhamnus rubra, Sierra Coffeeberry Rhododendron occidentalis, Western Azalea
 Heather Baker and Joanna Clines botanizing at Grand Bluffs  Wildflower class fundraiser for the Sierra Foothill Conservancy
  Frittillaria micrantha - Brown Bells

 Phantom Orchid - Cephalanthera austini

 Mariposa Tulip - Calochortus venustus  Blue Wild Rye - Elymus glaucus
 'Floating trestle' loggers used in 1906 to take logs out over meadow  Another view of 'floating trestle', a historic site.
 Original mill site from 1906  Boiler from logging used between 1906 - 1912
 Ceanothus integerrimus - Deerbrush before treatment  Timber Ax Masticating Deerbrush August 2005
 Rotating head with masticating knives of Timber Ax  After Ceanothus cordulatus, Whitethorn was masticated
 Photo Point  2.1 before treatment  Photo Point 2.1 after treatment
 Photo Point 3 before treatment  Photo Point 3 after treatment
 Excavator lifting roots of re-sprouting brush species.  Roots are left on top of the soil to protect from erosion.  Without this treatment, brush would grow back within 3-5 years. Some roots are piled for later burning when organic material gets too deep.
Finn Leeper piling limbs for burning.  Ray Laclergue, Intermountain Nursery owner, burning piles in fall.
 Collecting pine cones for seed  Growing trees for planting
 Raymond Laclergue planting 2 year old trees in April 2005  Planting 1 year old trees in April 2005
 Forest needing thinning  Forest after thinning
Forestry Tour at Grand Bluffs, June, 2010 Forestry Tour, June 2010
Ponderosa Pine tree growing above the brush in unit 1 Ponderosa Pine trees becoming established in unit 1 of the Grand Bluffs forest

Ponderosa and Sugar Pine gaining height on re-establishing brush

Mentzelia dispersa, Bushing Blazing Star, germinating in unit 1. This annual plant acts as a soil stabilizer, a pioneer species which covers the ground in spring, summer & winter.


Grand Bluffs Narrative

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