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 Intermountain Nursery will contract out to grow the appropriate plant materials and install erosion control and re-vegetation projects.  We will collect site-specific plant material for each project. Since we are located in the central Sierra foothills of California, we tend to focus on sites within our local region from the Merced River drainage in the north to the Kaweah River drainage in the south, however we do grow plants for other areas of the state also. Contract growing takes from one to two years if collection of seeds and cutting material is required. We will also consult with you to successfully collect your own material which you can send to us for outgrowing. Be sure to contact us with enough advance notice so that we can get the best material ready for your project. Contact Head propagator Raymond Laclergue at 559-855-3113           


        Jesse & Ray hoeing invasive thistle at the Grand Bluffs Demonstration Forest


 Intermountain staff planting Nassella pulchera, Purple Needlegrass at the  Dinkey Spoils pile project.


 Dinkey Spoils project site, December, 2005


Project for PG&E at Shorthair creek for summer 2007


Grand Bluffs Demonstration Forest Unit 1 before mastication                                  Unit 1 after brush mastication and before tree planting

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