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The Wholesale Nursery is operated 'outback' and is open Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm. We focus on growing California native plants from the Central California region including the valley, foothills and mountains. We also grow horticultural varieties of California native plants that are in the trade. Contract collection and growing services are available to provide you with the site-specific plant material that is most appropriate for your re-vegetation project.  Please allow enough lead time for collection and growing out your plants. We also offer our container stock to other nurseries wholesale. Delivery charges will apply. For a wholesale availability list, please call Bonnie Bladen at 559-855-3113 or contact us on our contact page. For questions involving large or small re-vegetation projects and contract growing, contact Raymond Laclergue at 559-284-0461, 559-855-3113 or on our contact page.

There has been lots of renovation of the nursery facilities this year using 'round wood' that has been thinned from the forest lands we are managing at Grand Bluffs. Below are pictures of the new soil bins, shade house, potting table and pot storage area built from round logs too small to take to the mill which are usually piled and burned in the woods. We are convinced that there are many uses for this beautiful material.

Shade House

Propagation area in barn

Nicole Johnson transplanting Marigolds

Kristin transplanting Aster

Misting Bench in Greenhouse

  Inside Greenhouse, May 2008

Soil Bins built from 'round wood'

Pot Storage Area

Potting Table

Greenhouse & Coldframe May 2008

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