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We specialize in California Native Plants and low water use plants suitable for the California climate.  



Pacific Fisher and other Rare Species

Saturday, May 28th, 9:30 am - Free

Burleigh Lockwood, Naturalist

For more information, 2016 Class Schedule is available here

Tomato plants are out including grafted varieties. Also available are peppers, squash & cucumbers in 3" for $1.85, Jumbo six packs for $5.95 and Grafted 4" for $4.50

Free sample drought tolerant landscape plans and plant lists are available here

Use them to design a landscape to replace your water thirsty lawn!

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Open seven days a week year round, except between Christmas and New Years and major Holidays: Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving.     


Spring & Summer hours are: Monday through Saturday, 8am-5pm,

Sunday, 10am-4pm.



Painting of the retail grounds of Intermountain Nursery on this page was done by Deanna Bristow of Auberry, California.                                       To contact her:  call the nursery. 

Contact us at 559-855-3113

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